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About Cameron Law, PL

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligent behavior of someone else, reach out to Attorney Perry Cameron today. I am here to help accident victims get the compensation that they deserve. Protect yourself and your legal rights by discussing the specifics of your situation. Doing so could reduce your chances of missing any Florida Statutes of Limitations while informing you of all your options for legal recourse, including the possibility of a personal injury settlement or litigation. I understand that each client who trusts me to represent his or her interest is placing faith in my legal abilities. That is why I work extremely hard to honor that faith by providing my clients with the dedicated and knowledgeable representation their cases deserve. To schedule your consultation, simply call me at (321) 301-4615 or you can send me a private message.

Attorney Perry Cameron understands the resulting problems that follow after a serious injury, and will know how to help you. 

Mission Statement

Cameron Law, PL is a Space Coast law firm founded by Attorney Perry Cameron. Our mission is to bring together an aggressive approach to meeting the needs of each and every client. Whether you are an individual who needs help reviewing your automobile insurance policy or have been involved in a catastrophic accident, Attorney Perry Cameron is dedicated to spending the time necessary to analyze your needs and make a joint determination with you as to the best course of action to take. Attorney Cameron prides himself on the philosophy that legal representation should be within reach of all those needing legal expertise.

We Work For You

Cameron Law's stability and continuity provide a perspective from which to consider both your immediate and long-term interests; a wisdom borne of participation in hundreds of thousands of legal scenarios; and a history of accomplishment that speaks volumes about our work ethic, which values commitment, creativity, and, most importantly, judgement.